Ch. Beau Jay V Mont Dor


Beau Jay was my companion for over 10 years, he went everywhere with me and traveled all over the western part of the U.S. going to dog shows, vacations and visiting. He was always willing to be "petted",  loved to be bathed and groomed, loved walks, and rides in the truck. Beau had a honest 30 inch neck and used a hand made 32 inch collar, he was massive, sound of structure, and gentle, had a true perfect temperment. He passed away some 21 years ago but was collected a few years before that and he has given us out of our Fiona, 3 of his offspring, Journey who is a AKC Champion now we are showing, Lu-Lu who we have shown a few times  had a beautiful litter last year, and Remi a nice male we hope to show soon. Sue Barnes of Sandcreek Saints bred Beau and was kind enough to give him to me. She named Beau after her Banker,  he also had a big heart. There are many things we could tell about Beau, but the best we could say is it seems like yesterday when his life ended, but we still think of him and miss him. He was true to his breed, He was a True Saint Bernard. YOU WILL FIND BEAU JAY'S PICTURE ALL OVER THE WEB TAKEN AND USED BY DISHONEST SO CALLED BREEDERS,  WHEN YOU SEE SOMEONE USEING HIS PICTURE(S) YOU WILL KNOW NOT TO DEAL WITH THEM!!


Buzz told us he was going to be a Champion the min. he was born, which is also how he got his name, or the start of it.

Just after birth while being dried off,  he let out a loud "BARK", no whimpy squeak here followed by a bowel movement , so he got his name, "BARK and "S- - -  well you get the picture. After a few months well "B.S." as we called him had to have a new name, people really gave you a look when you yelled out B S come, so his name was slightly changed to Busssssss or Buzz, sounded better.  Now Buzz did what he told us, he got his AKC championship very easy even getting a 5 point Major point going over 55 other male class dogs at a Saint Bernard Speciality show,  he then got his AKC Tracking Title with only 3 months of training, becoming the first AKC Champion Saint Bernard to get that title, placing him in the Saint Bernard Club of America Hall of Fame (HOF).  His Canine Good Citizen title only took a few hours of training.  Buzz sired many great pups, like his daughter  Ch. Annabelle, and had a grand son, Ch. Flash CD., TD., DD., CGC,.HOF. who followed his example. Buzz lived for almost 11 years of age, he was a great Champion, a great Companion , my wifes best friend (next to me) and gaurdian , he was a Super Saint Bernard, and he is missed by us.


"Estie" didnt start his show career untill he was 7 years of age, He is a half brother to Beau, and I had other dogs being shown and knew he could finish his Championship anytime so he was always the next dog to show, we spent a lot of time together and he was as good a companion as you could want. He also was massive, easy going and very seldom would he bark, but when he did you knew it was him. he was overt 10 years of age when he passed  away. He was a kind loving Saint every bit a champion as his brother Beau.


A beautiful girl, whos movement was perfect,  a winner time after time in the show ring. She with Estaban produced "Flash" a Champion,  C.D. , T.D., D.D., CGC., HOF puppy. Cant even stat to say how great she was.